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Hi, I'm Mark Stephenson

Here, you will find short snippets of madness and lengthier rants.

My interests are:

  • Databases
  • Tech Startups
  • Lean Startups
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Leaning
  • Application Development
  • (Ruby on Rails, Angular, Coffee, Haml, RSpec, Postgres, Heorku, AWS)
  • Psychology


I’m an avid Audible fan, and typically ‘read’ a book a month which I will share here.



I have spent 15 years working in the technology industry;  10 years of that within the Business Intelligence and Data Analytics context.

After contracting for 7 years I decided to build my own company, and joined an accelerator programme (Searchcamp).  I had three great months learning from the brightest and best about how to build a lean startup, and how to fail fast in order to accelerate evolution.  This lead to the acquisition of EventSneaker (great name, right?) within 6 months by a London based event startup, where I currently work as Head of Technology.

In addition to running the team and advising on matters of strategy I try to make time to dabble in the tech stack (RoR and  a little AngularJS amongst other treats).  Outside of this, I try to spend as much time as possible with my beautiful wife and son.

Recently I have engaged with the Stanford Machine Learning MOOC and am thoroughly enjoying the challenge that AI and associated fields present.


95% Complete
60% Complete
60% Complete
60% Complete
Ruby on Rails
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Product / Project Management
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Machine Learning
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